Template Methods

There are two global references to access preset variables or methods. For example to get a preset hello_world variable you can access in the templates via one of the following ways:

echo $theme->hello_world;
echo $page_data["hello_world"];




The base url and location of images is set by the Template class. All you have to define is the location of the image in the respecitve theme/img folder.

  • $file - string, location of the file in the theme img folder
  • $title - string, image title attribute
  • $id - string, image id attribute
  • $class - string, image class attribute
  • $other_attr - string, other attributes in standar HTML format (e.g., 'style="padding:10px;"')


$theme->img("icon-close.png", "Close ME", "i-better-be-unique", "a-classy-class","data-something=\"other attributes here\"" );

// An image with just a class
$theme->img("icon-close.png", "", "", "a-classy-class" );

// Proposed method. NOT FUNCTIONAL YET