Plugin Response Reference

The response variables can be accessed differently based on the plugin being used.



type: bool
1 == content access allowed, 0 == content access denied


1 == logged in, 0 == logged out


type: int
The preset meter limit before auth prompt happens.


type: int
The number of walled pages used.
profile type: object / array
Profile returns when a person is logged in. Empty array if not logged in.
profile['display_name'] type: string
profile['internal_id'] type: string
The optional id from your system, often provided when accounts are imported from your internal fulfillment system.
profile['gender'] type: string
male or female
profile['dob'] type: string
Date of Birth
profile['status'] type: bool
1 == enabled, 0 == disabled
The person is authorized to see the content when enabled.
profile['temp_access'] type: string
Date when temporary access expires.
profile['ip_access'] type: bool
1 == accessing via allowed IP, 0 == not
profile['extend_[cust_name]'] Pigeon allows for custom profile fields. This data is passed back in the format 'extend_[name of the custom field]'.
profile['parent_id'] if set is the parent or group id for current user
profile['parent_name'] if set is the parent or group name for current user
profile['plans'] Type: array
A list of plan(s) attached to the account