Introduction to Sqloo

Sqloo is a proprietary library that means Structured Query Language Object Oriented. The purpose of Sqloo is to use PHP to interface with various Database servers, primarily MySQL, in the following ways:

  1. Develop and maintain a complex database table schemas
  2. To make developing complex queries easy and more readable
  3. Enhance rapid application development by allowing a DB framework via the PHP language

And some other things:

Your first example here:

$sqloo = Common::getSqloo();
$query = $sqloo->newQuery();
$user_ref = $query->table( "vo_user" );
$query->column = array(
	"display_name" => $user_ref->display_name,
	"email" => $user_ref->email,

$unescaped_array = array( "current_user_id"=>1);
$query->where[]  = $user_ref->id." = :current_user_id";

$query->run( $unescaped_array );

$results = $query->fetchRow();