The Easy-to-Use Paywall Solution

Pigeon is a paywall plugin that works with your existing website. Pigeon offers you a pain-free way to setup a paywall and offer paid access to your premium content. Pigeon is flexible and built with a wide variety of paywall types in mind. It provides your customers with a simple, beautifully designed interface for managing their account settings as well as an administration area for you to manage customers and generate reports. Demo Pigeon Paywall at

Demo Pigeon Paywall at

Here are just a few awesome companies that use Pigeon Paywall:

  • The Herald
  • Barron's
  • Good Karma Brands
  • Private Media
  • Pharma Dispatch
  • Acadie Nouvelle
  • Varsity Sports Network

Easy-to-Install & Works with Any Website

We built Pigeon with a simple installation process that let’s you start making money on your premium content right away, without spending a lot of time and money redoing website architecture. After configuring the paywall, we drop in a few lines of code in your Content Management System and the paywall is live! Pigeon is extremely secure. Unlike other access methods that allow visitors to “sneak around the paywall”, Pigeon has a few extra tricks up its wing so the paywall can’t be disabled by a devious website visitor. The Pigeon admin area sports a gorgeous and easy-to-navigate interface.

Who is Pigeon For?

Pigeon was originally created to help online newspapers protect their content and utilize their existing subscription model online. Click here to read our theory on the future of newspapers and paywalls. Pigeon’s power goes far beyond just newspapers and is a great match for any content publisher and private community. Whether you want to lock down all content or provide metered access, whether you want to offer subscriptions or one-day passes, Pigeon is highly flexible and has you covered. Pigeon works great for many situations including…

  • Newspapers

  • Digital Magazines

  • Education Resources

  • Expert Blogs

  • Exclusive Communities

  • Digital Downloads

  • Premium Media Content

  • Pay-Per-View

Manages Customers and Transactions

Pigeon connects payments directly to your merchant account via a variety of gateway options. The money stays in your control. Pigeon allows subscribers to easily make online payments. Collecting subscription fees has never been easier. We provide a white-labeled gateway with PayPal Payments Pro for credit card authorization, recurring payments, and single purchases. We can also work with most merchant accounts via our gateway solution with Braintree Payments. The subscriber system quickly diagnoses and resolves issues. (credit card updates, subscription changes, content access, and more). Manage transaction processing (refunds, partial refunds, etc.)

  • Secure Payments

    Pigeon accepts virtually any payment type and uses SSL transmission and is PCI compliant regarding credit card handling.

  • Recurring Payments

    Customers are automatically billed on the set subscription cycle.

  • Card Issues

    Notifications are sent to customers allowing them to resolve expired cards or denied payments.

Lots of Features You'll Love

Pigeon allows you to effortlessly control access to paid content. The seamless integration with your site makes it easy to get started, and from there you will quickly discover the many incredible features that Pigeon offers.

  • Seamless integration with your existing website and CMS.
  • Straight-forward login process for existing subscribers.
  • Simplified and beautiful sign-up process for new subscribers.
  • Streamlined account management for existing subscribers.
  • Access can be purchased by subscribers from around the world.
  • Payments processed in minutes and deposited directly to your account.
  • A beautiful admin interface for managing customers.

Pricing Structure & Getting Started

Getting started is easy. We’ll do the initial setup for you, then you’re ready to start charging access to your content immediately. Since every website is unique, we require a one-time setup fee to integrate the system. After that initial setup, Pigeon is billed on a monthly basis, with no long-term contracts. We are sure you’ll love Pigeon and we want to make sure that you have the freedom to do so without feeling locked in. Your data is yours to keep and is made fully available should you ever choose to fly with another bird.

  • 1. Setup & Training

    Depending on size and any special needs, we charge a one-time fee to setup Pigeon and provide training to your team.

    Starting at $2,500 Non-profit/Startup: Starting at $1,500
  • 2. Monthly Access

    After initial setup, a flat monthly fee provides continual access to the paywall service and our fantastic support team.

    Starting at $150 per month
  • 3. Transaction Fees

    The heart of Pigeon’s success is that we make money as you make money through a small transaction fee.

    Online+Print (paid offline): Free Online+Print (paid online): 1% Online-only (paid online): 10%

Contact Us to Get Started

If you are eager to implement Pigeon into your site, or if you still have some questions you’d like to discuss with our team, send us a message and we’ll swiftly get back to you.


Need More Than Pigeon

Pigeon is an extension of the flagship product Newsroom built by the team at Sabramedia. It has been adapted to easily integrate with your existing website. If you don’t yet have a website you may be interested in using the powerful Newsroom CMS to power your website which includes all the incredible features of Pigeon and many more!

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